We have many years of experience with renovation, troubleshooting, and complete replacements of doorphone systems.

A well-functioning intercom system provides security regarding who is allowed access.
a residence, and therefore, as a partner for your property, we can provide advice and guidance that ensures peace of mind for the residents. And you can always count on us to find the best solution, both in terms of economy, reliability, and consideration for your preferences.

We can service all well-known brands.
In Copenhagen, many systems are of brands such as Farfisa, Videx, Comelit, Voco, Urmet, Fermax, Ritto, Siedle, TCS, and Scantron. We can service all of these and many more. That means we can troubleshoot and repair to the extent that spare parts are available. Most doorphone systems can still be serviced, and for discontinued models, parts can often be replaced individually with substitutes from other suppliers. Therefore, it’s not always necessary to replace the entire system. This often means significant savings for the housing association.

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