Electrical inspection

An electrical inspection involves a thorough examination of the electrical installation, which means the installer checks
the installation for faults and deficiencies and whether it generally meets applicable legal requirements.
The electrical panel/ fusebox, junction boxes, and similar components that may be the cause of problems are opened and inspected randomly.

This check can reveal safety issues, and with the help of advanced testing equipment
documentation for your electrical safety is prepared. Documentation is prepared in the form of a report following the guidelines of the Danish Safety Technology Authority (Sikkerhedsstyrelsen). This report can be attached to a potential
condition report.

Our offer for the inspection naturally includes the preparation of the report.

Electrical inspection in connection with relocation

Many housing associations require an inspection of installations in connection with sales. It’s not without reason, as many installations are either illegal or possibly directly fire hazardous. An electrical inspection is not a guarantee that all installations in a home are completely in 100% order. For example, it’s not realistic to go through all connections or to see cables in walls and ceilings.

But a test can reveal general weaknesses and faults, and during the inspection, it will be revealed whether an installation is “do-it-yourself work” or if it is carried out by a professional installer.
Exactly, this can prevent unpleasant surprises for a future buyer but also ensure a fair deal for both parties.

(Price for electrical inspection: 1395,- including VAT)